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“I design by living in the present, extracting from the past and knowing that there is a future“

Natasha Collins is a contemporary Jewellery designer who lives and works in Cape Town, but holds global aspirations and draws inspiration from a variety of cultures. Jewellery making channels her passion for life, art, design and all things that make her smile!

Although Natasha creates with the belief that a bold statement can paradoxically be created through subtle and simple designs, her vision is not limited to elegant “polite” pieces. With designs ranging from unapologetic and unconventional to delicate and refined, Natasha believes that the excitement lies in manipulating metal into what in association contradicts the physical form of metal, and therein lies artistic elegance.

We believe that each piece created at Natasha G holds the heart beat of the rich and ancient process of Alchemy . Attention to detail and paradoxically less is more. It is a fine balance, a full experience of being present with all the senses and tuning in to the world now with the wisdom of this ancient craft that gives birth to our diverse lines of Jewellery.

Currently all Lines are using 925 Sterling silver however any piece can be created using any of the precious metals on request. Natasha G is about venturing into the new whether that be through the application of a new process or taking an old process and using it in a new way. You will find combinations of Sterling Silver / precious metal with Resin and Ebony.

Presently Natasha is working out of her home studio and hand works every piece of Jewellery that is formed. The nature of the hands on process ensures that no two pieces are identical. Each piece has its own story to tell, a time capsule of beauty, complexity and depth.



At Natasha G we work closely with our clients to transform ideas into jewellery. We believe in a creative approach unbridled by limitations, so if your mind can conceive it we will ensure that you receive it.

Whether you need guidance through the decision and design phase, or simply need someone to produce a fully-fledged design that you already have in mind, we are committed to meeting your needs and creating unique jewels just for you.

About Natasha G Cape Town jewelry designer specialising in handcrafted jewellery  design, custom made jewellery made with passion.

If you would like a piece of Jewellery made but are not sure where to begin contact us.

We can design, hand craft and manufacture Jewellery .

This includes:

Art Jewellery, Bespoke Jewellery, Contemporary Jewellery, Corporate ID Jewellery, Bridal Jewellery, Diamond Jewellery, Engagement rings, Fashionable Jewellery, Gem stone Jewellery, Gif Jewellery, Jewellery sets, Promise rings, Recycled Jewellery, Signet rings .

We can design using any of the precious metals, Silver, Gold, Platinum.

We can use or incorporate other metals such as bronze, copper, brass into the design however this will depend on the piece and requires careful consideration.

For further enquiries or If you would like a piece of Jewellery made but are not sure where to begin contact us.

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